You will be getting following benefits with KnowEx

We make your Research visible to the World. You will be a more recognized, advanced and influential person. We make your journey Successful.

Make your publications

Make your publications globally visible, recognized, and popular – Feel the full benefits of Open Access publication

We offer you the most advanced open access publication opportunity to develop your career and be a recognized person in the global platform. Open access publication is now changing the direction of the academic world. Our advanced open access platform, will not only make your research available online, but it will also help millions of people in the world to access to your paper.

High Ranked Indexing

High Ranked Indexing services

We make sure that all of your high quality articles are indexed in highest quality indexing sources.  Furthermore, your articles will be “tailored” to be indexed ready for all the popular and high-quality indexing sources including Google Scholars and DOAJ.

Advanced metrics

Advanced metrics and easy to understand graphs and charts on your Article and your ranking

We are partnering with the world’s most trusted and recognized organizations to deliver a high quality to authors. With the support of our partners, we make sure you can get all the metrics related to your research articles within seconds. Reads, Citations, indexing, rankings, and usage of the article, your personal indexing, cross-organizational rankings and much more will be at your fingertips. Furthermore, all the advanced technologies connected to publishing that are in our possession will be given to you free of charge.

Secure Copyrights

Secure Copyrights of your paper

Now you can trust on open access publication with knowEx. Your paper is copyright protected. Readers can use your paper, but they need to mention you and your article. We are giving several digital certifications for your paper. So your paper is protected by Law.

Worldwide Accessibility

Submitting Metadata of your Publication and make paper Robotic ready

KnowEx online makes you access your account anywhere on the globe. You can see your progress, share your progress and be proud of yourself. Furthermore, we will make sure anyone can access your paper at anytime from anywhere.

Professional Personalized support

Professional personalized support on your publication needs and inquiries

KnowEx’s open access publishing team is a professional team that works very hard to build your career. Our supporting team will give constructive feedback, suggestions, assistance and personalized mentoring.   Our professional scientific editorial panel will be at your service and respond whenever you need help, even in your native language, if possible.

Cross Benefits

Cross Benefits from our Partners including Free Scholarships for conference participation and university scholarships  

More than publishing, we try to give authors extra benefits such as helping them to launch their careers.  Thus, we offer full or partial scholarships for conferences, university entrances, educational programs, workshops, research grants, research projects and many more.

Constructive Feedback

Constructive Feedback and high-quality Peer review process

Knowex online publication gives the highest concern to the quality of the publishing content. Our dedicated team with international reviewers and editors will make sure that all the articles published are of the highest quality. We believe in and use the double-blind peer review process and our research team delivers effective but timely reviews.  You can also count on our editorial board to give you constructive and friendly feedback.

DOI submissions and ISSN

DOI submissions and ISSN services

All of our journals have ISSN and we will give you free DOI. Since we have CROSSref partnership your paper will be more protected in the digital world.


Cross-indexing your article to give maximum visibility

KnowEx will be working with several other platforms as partners to give your article more visibility. Our Development team will work to make sure that visibility of your article begins from the day that it is published to several years after its publication.

submitting Metadata

Submitting Metadata of your Publication and make paper Robotic ready

We will not just publish your paper online, but will make it available for thousands by making it robotic ready. With latest Metadata creations and Meta description submission process together with ‘Search Ready’ formatting, your article will be read by all the search Robotics easily and eventually anyone can search and find your paper with keywords.

Make your Research career

Make your Research career ready for next ERA of publication – (Highest accessibility and advanced technology)

Next era of publication will be open access with technological readiness. If your paper is open to the world, it is more likely that more people recognize you. Make this happen, with the assistance of advanced technologies of our team. We work with many organizations to make this happen. Get ready for the next ERA of scientific publication. Join KnowEx today.

Affordable Article Publication

Affordable Article publication charge – Aligned with Global Research development program

We believe knowledge is power. Therefore, we always try to render good service with the lowest operational cost. We work with serval research organizations such as TIIKM and make sure you can get the highest benefits at the lowest and the most affordable cost.