The first author is usually the student or the researcher who has undertaken the research work. First author is often also referred as the presenting author. He or She is responsible for doing the research practically along with the co-authors who might assist him/ her in the research work or might be the colleagues from the same work group. He is also responsible for preparing the manuscript and analyzing the data. Corresponding author is usually the senior author who provides the intellectual input and designs and approves the protocols to be followed in the study. He is responsible for the manuscript correction, proof reading, and whole correspondence during the paper submission, handling the revisions and re-submission of revised manuscripts up to the acceptance of the manuscripts. This is the usual practice in most cases.

When you publish your manuscript with the Knowex, we don’t take the visibility of open access for granted. We work hard to disseminate your work immediately even further by sharing through social media, promoting at events and distributing it to other academics in your field.

Also we assure your papers are reviewed by qualified reviewers with sound knowledge in the subject. Moreover you will be notified about the status of your paper in a timely manner and our team is always open for you to reach out for professional guidance. You don’t need to worry anymore as students since we are specialized to support students to build their academic profile.

We believe that ethical publishing leads to a better science community, where everyone is valued and everyone is responsible for the work they do.

  • Ensure that the work has not been published before and not under consideration for publication with other journals.
  • Declare any conflicts of interest
  • Show informed consent and provide assurances that participants’ rights are protected
  • Check all co-authors meet criteria for authorship and ensure appropriate

acknowledgements made in the manuscript

  • Include appropriate funding statements in the manuscript if any.
  • Register clinical trials or ethical clearances (Explain how animals used to research is conducted responsibly)
  • Be alert to bias and follow journal guidelines for accurate and complete reporting of research
  • Inform the journal if you subsequently find errors in your research
  • Sign a copyright agreement and provide a cover letter along with your submission.

When your manuscript is submitted to Knowex, it is assessed to see if it meets the criteria for submission. If it does, our editorial team will select potential peer reviewers within the field of research to peer-review the manuscript and make recommendations.

We use Double-blind peer review method which means the reviewers do not know the names of the authors, and the authors do not know who reviewed their manuscript. Double blind peer review process ensures that there is no biasness and exposure of your identity