Editorial - KnowEx Food and Agriculture - Inaugural Issue


  • Dr. E.D.N.S. Abeyrathna
    sandun@uwu.ac.lk (##journal.primary_contact##)


KnowEx Food and Agriculture journal, which was inaugurated with the aim of providing an Open Access publishing platform for emerging young scholars in the field of Food Science and Agriculture and related sub-fields is delighted to publish its inaugural issue.

This issue contains two papers covering the areas of Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering.

The first paper describes the bioavailability of Cadmium in the soil after applying the Cattle manure. The author describes that cattle manure can increase the phyto-avalability of Cd in soil. Since Cadmium has identified as a heavy metal, adding cattle manure could increase the available cadmium percentage in forage and could bring complications in animal bodies.

The second article is an improved design of a soybean peel separator for the Tempe production. This paper describes the reverse engineering method with the aim to redesign an existing soybean peeling separator based on the user needs.

We wish all the authors success and we invite readers to read and cite the articles published herewith.