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KnowEx Food and Agriculture Journal strives to provide the best platform for researchers and scholars worldwide to exchange their latest findings. Authors are encouraged to submit complete and original research work which is not under review and considered for publication in any other journal or conference proceedings.

The journal is entirely Open Access and will publish original articles which document empirical researches, review articles, reports, discussions, studies and editorial materials and the journal publishes in English only.

Authors can submit manuscripts for review in the Journal throughout the year.

Publishing Schedule

KnowEx Food and Agriculture Journal publishes 2 issues per year- January and July. You can find new articles by subscribing the KnowEx Food and Agriculture Journal. There will be more resources available.

Publication Charges

Authors need to pay an article-processing charge of $99 to publish their articles in KnowEx Food and Agriculture Journal.

There are no submission fees, page charges, colour charges and the above mentioned APC is applicable only after the manuscript is accepted for publication.

The fee is charged for the service of journal management. If you are a student who cannot afford to pay the fee or if you are in any other hard situation, please contact us via the email address mentioned.

We will consider conducting the process in a way which is not a burden to you. As an institute which caters lots of opportunities to budding researchers, we believe your effort deserves to be rewarded. Therefore, as a CSR project we will be considering the decrement or removal of the article processing charge for your full paper after analyzing the situation that you are going through.

Indexing and Archiving Services

This Journal is abstracted and indexed by Google Scholar and Crossref. Also, it provides PlumX Metrics (by Elsevier) for researchers where they can visualize the research impact from their individual pieces of work.

Every article published in the KnowEx Food and Agriculture Journal is preserved and archived in DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

Peer-review & Editorial Process

Each submitted manuscript that falls within the scope of the journal goes through a double-blind review. Typically the Editor-in-Chief will select two scholars in the field who will read and comment on the manuscript and make a recommendation regarding publication. Reviewers are instructed to evaluate the clarity of the research question, the soundness of the methodology, and the alignment of the conclusions with the evidence presented.

The Editor-in-Chief has sole and final authority for all editorial decisions. The Editor-in-Chief may request additional rounds of review, consult with additional reviewers, or request that authors make revisions to the manuscript before it can be published.

When the manuscript under review is returned for revision to the authors, the anonymous reviewers’ comments are attached to it. After the author(s) edit the manuscript according to the recommendations of the reviewers, they submit the manuscript again through the system for initial review and admission to re-review. The corrections made to the text should be indicated in a different color from the main one, so that they are visible to the reviewers for a second review.

A manuscript will be fully accepted only after all the revisions required by the editor and the reviewers have been made. 

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