The purpose of this research is to explore live stream for streamer Relationship between
social identity and affective commitment and support。In this research, questionnaire, and using
purposive sampling method,Data collected from 500 participants in the War Force 2018 E-sports
Carnival in Taiwan for effective questionnaires,A total of 461 valid samples were recovered from
this research.,The proportion of women who answered the questionnaire was 188, accounting for
25.6%. There are 343 males, accounting for The age is mostly 16-25 years old, accounting for 54.1%
of the sample. This research used forced regression to analyze the relationship between variables.
The research results include: 1. social identity is an important factor affecting affect commitment and
support。2. social identity is only the emotional commitment of the Live audience and the hygiene
factor of the support 3. The more the live audience agrees in emotional psychology, the higher the
support. Finally, this research proposes relevant conclusions and recommendations for streamer, Esports live stream, and live audience.