This study uses the Bible to compare the shepherds with the shepherds to lead believers. It
is hoped that the key elements of non-profit organization leadership can be identified from the
shepherd leadership theory in order to motivate employees and increase their commitment to the
organization. This study adopted questionnaire, sent out questionnaires for the staff attached to the
Catholic Diocese of Taichung eight special education institutions, valid questionnaires were 218
copies, with correlation analysis, back return analysis to explore various relationships between
variables. The results of the study found that: ( 1 ) "The behavior of letting subordinates identify" in
shepherd leadership can predict the "employee loyalty" of organizational commitment . ( 2 ) "Sense
of mission" in shepherd leadership can predict "employee loyalty" promised by the organization . ( 3
) The "behavior of subordinates", "mission", and "fairness" led by shepherds can simultaneously
predict the "loyalty of employees" promised by the organization. This research provides
recommendations for nonprofit organization leaders and future research based on the findings.